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Helping Argyll’s Young People

with housing, employment, health and wellbeing and information and advice


A roof over your head is the most important basis for life. We have worked with over 2,000 young people over 20 years, the large majority of whom have been homeless.

Support to sustain a tenancy includes -

  • Applying for housing
  • Moving into first tenancy
  • Claiming benefits and grants
  • Dealing with corrsepondence
  • Accessing utilities
  • Resettling support
  • Home visits
  • Setting up home
  • Lifeskills/ door keeping
  • Neighbourhood tasks
  • Personal, emotional and social support
  • Cleaning
  • Personal/ household budgeting
  • Form filing
  • Cooking
  • Social activities
  • General advice and information

Year end June 2019, HELP provided support to 135 individuals and families.

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